I am an Associate Professor of Journalism in the Department of Communication at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. My work focuses on journalism, cultural performance, and the civil sphere. My research adopts a cultural sociological approach in its examination of the media in the context of the independence of the civil sphere from other, more materially dominant, power spheres.

Recent book publications include The Crisis of Journalism Reconsidered: Democratic Culture, Professional Codes, Digital Future (co-edited with Alexander and Breese, Cambridge University Press, 2016) and News Media Innovation Reconsidered (co-edited with Susana Herrera Damas, Wiley, 2021).

My research has appeared in European Journal of CommunicationMedia, Culture & SocietyJournalism, and Journalism Studies, among others.

Trained as a journalist, I turned this expertise to my decided advantage – as I has used the media to study key meaning-making processes in contemporary times, especially as they relate to power.

I was a long-term visitor at Yale University at the Centre for Cultural Sociology (CCS) and I am currently a Yale CCS Faculty Fellow.

Over the last years, I has worked closely with cultural sociologist Jeffrey C. Alexander on a series of international projects related to the sociological study of democracy and the civil sphere. One of my contributions was awarded with the 2019 European Journal of Communication prize for the best article of the journal’s issues published in 2019

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